Frisian Gem - Finland | Kooikerhondje and Stabyhoun

Fi Ch Frisian Gem Angenietje Kies "Antje"


Welmoed Muske van de Eenhoornleijn

  • Breed: kooikerhondje
  • Gender: bitch 38 cm
  • Date of Birth: 3.3.2007
  • Breeder / Owner: Aila Murto, Finland
  • Owner: Aila Murto
  • More information: KoiraNet


Finja’s puppy Antje is independent, resilient, fast and playful kooiker-girl, who’s favourite toy since the puppy-days has been football. Despite of the small size, this girl has got lot of energy and drive. She is always ready to go – day or night. Also, Antje has this wild and eager side, but she’s the one who set limits for the game. Typical for the kooikerhondje, this brisk little lady reports when a visitor enters the house, but also accepts the stranger as a friend very quickly.

Antje is eager to learn new things and enjoys a lot when doing stuff together. For example, in shows Antje’s lively and happy going has received positive attention. Since we’ve moved to a new house, Antje has got more excited of her new dog friends, but Muske is still her best friend!

Marikoo Kotisivuratkaisut

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