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Delfs Finja v.d. Zwarte Bellen Hoeve "Finja"


Welmoed Muske van de Eenhoornleijn

    • Breed: kooikerhondje
    • Gender: bitch 36 cm
    • Date of Birth: 27.4.2004
    • Breeder: Margo Kleinjan-Matena, Netherlands
    • Owner: Mira Rouvinen & Aila Murto
    • More information: KoiraNet


Finja lives in Helsinki as a beloved member of Family Rouvinen. Finja is small sized and has got open character, she is happy and brisk, but also very ladylike and has got dignity. Finja takes part of the family activities and enjoys to be with the family vacations.

When Finja was about one year old, we went to the Netherlands to see Finja´s breeder, her siblings and many other kooikers and their owners. Finja was a delightful travelling companion and she really amazed me how well she adapted to new situations without any stress. This journey and the breeding days left both me and Finja, a lot of warm memories.

So far, Finja has delivered one litter (Antje). Mother and daughter share many qualities but there are also some differences. Both Finja and Antje represent, by their type and structure, the line I would wish to continue in my breeding work.

Marikoo Kotisivuratkaisut

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