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In Memoriam

Dancer´s George-Gismo v.d. Toetesteijn “Kissmo”

2.1.2001 – 7.1.2011

Great dog person Kissmo is gone

KissmoSmall sorrows speak, great ones are silent. The small bad stuff that happens can be easily complained about and explained with words. Some sorrows –like Kissmo´s acute and unexpected death- are so deep and so profound that there are no words to express the truth about it; words fail us and betray us. Some poems can give voice to such sorrow, but in Kissmo´s case, even then there is something missing. What kind of dog was Kissmo? He was very special and clever kooiker who has got many human characteristics. He used to look and investigate family life and happens very strictly with wise, beautiful and expressive eyes. If eyes are mirror of soul, he had the soul. We learnt from Kissmo a lot about love, felicity and happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and friendship. KissmoHe was our eyes, ears and feelings, everything. As well imagined, he had an important role in Family. After our beloved kooiker Kissmo there is empty space at home. Anybody cannot fill this gap. If possible, also in this case Kissmo would speak on personal way with positive, gentle and kind look: “Do not cry for me anymore, just remember all those 10 happy years we spent together!” We will do that, dear Kissmo.


Baskethill´s Imperial Begum ”Inka”

23.6.2005 – 2.9.2009


InkaSe, mitä olimme, olemme nyt. 
Se, mitä meillä oli, on edelleen. 
Yhteinen menneisyys, lähtemättömästi läsnä. 
Kun siis kuljet metsässä, jossa kuljimme yhdessä 
ja etsit aurinkoiselta pientareelta varjoani, 
kun pysähdyt kukkulalle katselemaan kaukaisuuteen 
ja kädelläsi etsit tapasi mukaan minua 
etkä enää löydä ja tunnet surun hiipivän sydämeesi 
ole hiljaa. 
Sulje silmät. 
Kuuntele askelteni ääntä sydämessäsi. 
En ole poissa, kuljen mukanasi, aina sinussa. 
-Nicholas Evans- 

Jos suru voisi puhua 
olisi sen sanoma suloisempi 
kuin auringonlaskun kajo 
järven pinnalla. 

Inkaa syvästi ikävöiden,
Aila ja perhe


Nordwart Bouike ”Niki”

25.10.1998 - 13.2.2007


InkaNiki was the real charming and friendly gentleman with lot of calmness, patience and elegance. He was very beloved except by our family but every singe people we have met over the years, as well! Still, he was typical dog of one master and owner. And he adopted me. From the very first there was an unique friendship and feeling of togetherness between me and this handsome stabyhoun male. Therefore, it was very difficult and hard, specially for me, to let him go to “Rainbow Bridge”. He will be in my heart forever, and I´m very happy and grateful for all those splendid years given by my first stabyhoun, Niki.



Pepperment Leopold ”Bobby”

2.4.1987 – 3.12.1998


InkaBobby was our first dog, and because of that very special to all of us. He grew together with our children, and the boys still remember Bobby as a dog who was “the King of Hearts”. As they recall past memories: “We never forget childhood warm and beautiful summers playing and swimming with Bobby. He always was waiting us after school day and he “made” all those boring homework together with us, as well”. Bobby is in our loving memories as a dog who had exceptionally great character.

Marikoo Kotisivuratkaisut

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