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Welmoed Muske van de Eenhoornleijn "Muske"


Welmoed Muske van de Eenhoornleijn

  • Breed: stabyhoun (Friese stabij, Frisian Pointing Dog)
  • Gender: bitch
  • Date of Birth: 21.6.2009
  • Breeder: Marjolein Roosendaal, Netherlands
  • Owner: Aila Murto
  • More information: KoiraNet


Welmoed Muske, or just Muske, is super-energetic, always happy and kind towards all, very open and curious young stabij-girl. She is both feminine and boyish. Muske is well built, strong and well formed. She loves running free in the forest, learning new things and playing with other dogs – sometimes quite wildly. It seems that Muske also has a strong hunting instinct because tracking becomes more and more interesting every day.

Muske with her “eyes that laugh” and happy and positive appearance leaves no one cold. That’s why Muske already has lots of both two- and four-legged friends despite of her young age. At the end of the day Muske goes to sleep next to her best friend, Antje, and is ready to be the first one to wake to a new day – greeting every family member overwhelmingly kindly and happily!

Marikoo Kotisivuratkaisut

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