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Planning litters


Puppies of Antje and Zigge born 21.6.2013!

We have 2 males and 1 female! All puppies have found nice homes.

Newborn puppies
Newborn puppies

Weekly development of puppies on our Blog.

Naming of C litter

We use to have some theme and subject on litter names. This time it is “Chris”. Some roots of name: Christina, Christian, Christiaan, Christoffer, Christopher…, different countries have had own variations of this beautiful name since Early Middle Age (and even earlier; Gri. Christianos, Lat. Christianus, Dutch old/Middle Age variation is mentioned `Stoofken´ = Christophorus; Dordrecht 1509 (Nederlandse Voornamen Databank). The name founds from the Swedish Royal Family as well, and because of Swedish father of puppies (Moonhaven Terricic Maroon “Zigge”), the name matches to our C litter very well, too :)

Other names of puppies are unusual and rare:

Cynebald (Early Middle Age, Anglo-Saxon). Derived from Old English cyne “royal” and beald “bold”.

Cenhelm (Early Middle Age, Anglo-Saxon). Composed of the elements cene “bold, keen” and helm “helmet”.

Chevonne (Irish, rare). Anglicized form the Irish name “Siobhán”; it is derived from the Anglo-Norman Jehane and Jehanne which were introduced to Ireland by the Anglo-Normans in the Middle Ages. (Behind the name).

Puppies 8 weeks

Arthur (Frisian Gem Chris Cynebald)
Arthur (Frisian Gem Chris Cynebald)


Peetu (Frisian Gem Chris Cenhelm)
Peetu (Frisian Gem Chris Cenhelm)


Vonne (Frisian Gem Chris Chevonne)
Vonne (Frisian Gem Chris Chevonne)

… and their new, nice owners:

Marie, Joakim (Jocke) and Arthur, Åbo
Marie, Joakim (Jocke) and Arthur, Åbo (Arthur will visit often in Sweden, too)


Anne and Peetu, Seinäjoki
Anne and Peetu, Seinäjoki

Vonne stays at kennel Frisian Gem – more information later!

Here they are (5½ weeks old):

Male 1
Frisian Gem Chris Cynebald, called Arthur

Frisian Gem Chris Cynebald


Male 2
Frisian Gem Chris Cenhelm, called Peetu

Frisian Gem Chris Cenhelm


Frisian Gem Chris Chevonne, called Vonne

Frisian Gem Chris Chevonne

Kooikerhondje litter on Spring 2013

AntjeWe had to change our mating plans because of travel and schedule problems to Holland.

Frisian Gem Angenietje Kies “Antje” is now mated with handsome Swedish Champion Moonhaven Terrific Maroon “Zigge” who has incredibly social, affable and friendly character and temperament! We hope Midsummer litter from this matching combination

If you are interested in puppies of Antje and Zigge, please do not hesitate to ask more information (contact information below).


SE UCH LP1 Moonhaven Terrific Maroon

FI MVA Frisian Gem Angenietje Kies
(FIN 19646/07)

SE UCH LP1 Moonhaven Terrific Maroon

DAM FI MVA Frisian Gem Angenietje Kies

Born: 21.7.2009 
Eyes: clear 
PL: 0/0 
HD: A/A 
vWd-free (DNA) 
ENM-free (DNA) 
High: 40 cm 
Owners: Marie and Anders Randau, Sweden 
Breeder: kennel Moonhaven, Sweden

Born: 3.3.2007

Eyes: clear

PL: 0/0


vWd-free (DNA)

ENM-free (DNA)

DLA-type: Kooi2/Kooi6

High: 38 cm

Owner/breeder: kennel Frisian Gem, Finland


True love between Antje and Zigge in Vetlanda 20.4.2013:

True love between Antje and Zigge in Vetlanda 20.4.2013

True love between Antje and Zigge in Vetlanda 20.4.2013


Jos olet suunnitellut hankkivasi kooikerhondjen ja/tai rotu on sinulle vielä tuntematon, ota toki yhteyttä saadaksesi lisätietoa rodusta ja tästä yhdistelmästä (yhteystiedot alla). Mieluiten kuulisin sinusta / teistä ensin puhelimitse.


Aila Murto

+358 46 856 7635


Next stabyhoun litter on 2014!

More information later.


You find pictures about our first stabyhoun litter (D-litter) from the combination Welmoed Muske v.d. Eenhoornleijn and Aiko Foppe Út it suden from here.

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