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HeJW-14 Frisian Gem Chris Chevonne "Vonne"


Vonne 14 months
14 months

  • Breed: kooikerhondje
  • Gender: bitch 37.5 cm
  • Date of Birth: 21.6.2013
  • Breeder / Owner: Aila Murto, Finland
  • More information: KoiraNet


Chevonne aka Vonne, as we call her, is Finja´s grandchild and Antje´s daughter from our C-litter. From the very beginning I was thinking to keep a bitch myself, if there would born one or more suitable bitches on this very carefully pondered and planed litter. The combination , Antje and Zigge included the pedigree of them, is something I wanted to carry on.

Since Vonne born it was love at first sight! What kind of kooiker girl Vonne is? She is brave, curious, wild, friendly and open, happy, wise and attentive, cooperative… and so on. For my opinion, just a wonderful girl! Most of all, she is very malleable without any stress and she always loves travelling and new adventures. As a wise kooiker girl she has adjusted to family very well and together with my dear Antje and staby Muske they are complementary friends.

Marikoo Kotisivuratkaisut

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